Musician, DJ and instrument builder Antenes resides in New York with her collection of self-made sequencers and synthesizers crafted from repurposed vintage telecommunications equipment. Known for her inventive soundscapes, Antenes treats the studio as a space for sculpting emergent patterns, textures, and percussion layers. Her productions and live performances draw influence from the curious and ephemeral sound world of the analog networking systems she uses as her instruments, and the atmospheric and mechanical aberrations inherent in their material. A Brooklyn resident by way of Chicago, her DJ sets dive into hypnotic, acid-laced techno, shimmering electro, shadowy atmospheres and beyond, with a particular ear for odd percussions and syncopations. Her production debut, The Track of a Storm EP on L.I.E.S. revealed three tracks of otherworldly techno infused with “lazer shot synthwork,” “ghostly noise layers,” “muscular bass shapes and sparking percussions,"(per Boomkat). Antenes has additional releases on Silent Season and The Bunker New York (as Antemeridian), and a forthcoming release on Eaux featuring new works compiled from a 2018 commission from RE:VIVE(Netherlands) that explored telegraph machines and morse code messages routed into a custom analog system. (See RE:VIVE page for more). She has held numerous electronics residencies including Harvestworks and Issue Project Room, co-sponsored by Bell Labs, and a commission from Moog Music where she performed a durational piece within a large scale installation at their annual MoogFest. For more on interdisciplinary and electronics work see below DETAILS

antenes operator
photo credit: Seze Devres


Antenes has held residencies for electronic art and music at Worm (Rotterdam), ISSUE Project Room (NYC) NOKIA Bell Labs (Murray Hill, NJ), Harvestworks (NYC) and Signal Culture (Owego NY) and has appeared at numerous interdisciplinary events including the New York Electronic Arts Festival, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory’s “Intersections” exhibition (Batavia, IL), Open House London’s Sonic Visitations, and Trinity College’s Science Gallery (Dublin). Inspired by the Buchla 100 modular system, her custom synth work is featured in the 2013 film I Dream of Wires: The Modular Synthesizer Documentary, as well as in several master’s theses including Mills College, Fashion Institute of Technology and Clemson University. She also leads hands-on DIY synth workshops, having recently lectured at CalArts, Oberlin, SAIC, ReWire Festival, MoogFest, and UC-Boulder’s music departments, along with True School of Music in Mumbai, Dame Electric Festival and Women’s Synth Workshop at the Kitchen (NYC). She has been featured in articles and podcasts including The Creators Project, ClockTower Radio, and writer Steven Johnson’s Wonderland Podcast (alongside Brian Eno, Alex Ross and Caroline Shaw). She also keeps busy behind the decks of underground events globally, including The Bunker New York, De School Amsterdam, Tresor Berlin, Corsica Studios London, Rural Festival Japan, Sound of Stockholm, ReWire Festival in The Hague and more.

She has a dedicated website documenting the beginning stages of her switchboard project: see